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Nothing Good Happens After 12 a.m.

My Story

I have been through a lot of traumas in the past four years of my life.

The brick building is what I fell off from

One trauma that affected me greatly would have to be my fall off of a roof.

Last February I fell off a roof and this completely changed my life.

I ended up fracturing my patella, cracking two ribs, and breaking two bones in my face.

After the accident, I was bedridden for at least four weeks. Then slowly moved to a wheelchair, so it was easier to get around school.

My leg had to stay straight for 2 months basically and I could not bend the right leg at all.

There were times I could feel myself getting a little depressed, and having anxiety. It comes and goes, but it was always there.

 Immediately I warned my boyfriend, and parents that I was feeling a little blue, and down.

This was normal to feel especially because I had to stop volleyball (which has been my life since middle school) for a whole year, and there was nothing that I could do to change it.

My life was completely involved in volleyball, and I felt bad because I felt like I let my team down.

These past 12 months have been insane, and a world of emotions, but I made it through and is fully healed and is really excited to get back on the court.

It’s Hard but Push Through

A trauma is not easy for anyone to go through. Especially a trauma like a sexual assault.

Susan M. Clabough’s post Trauma and Depression discusses the signs of depression, and to know that you are not alone in this.

“Those of us who have experienced trauma will experience depression”.

Susan M. Clabough

I do not agree with this statement. I know plenty of people who have gone through a life changing trauma and grew from it and didn’t let it take over your life.

This statement is so false and really should say “those of us who have experienced a trauma could potentially fall into a depression, and should be aware of the warning signs”.

When someone is reading your post, you need to make sure you are writing for everyone, and not just yourself.

Obviously there is a chance of feeling depressed after a trauma. But there is a difference between regular basis depression, and trauma depression.

You don’t “get over” depression. I remember that now when I hear someone irritable and complaining about something –  I wonder if they are struggling with depression?

Susan Clabough

I love this quote from her post, and it truly made me think differently when interacting with people who seem to be irritable or having a bad day it seems.

Also it is true, you don’t just get over depression.

It could take people years to even admit the fact that they are depressed and need help.

Everyone goes through depression differently, and handles it differently.

If you are a friend and notice a change in your friends be aware, and take the right actions to get them the appropriate help they need.

All of these posts in general about sexual assault, and sexual violence etc. all talk about how depression is a symptom after a trauma.

This stigma needs to be done because not everyone who goes through a trauma will experience depression.

But if you do always remember to seek the best help possible, and to get after it before it takes over your life.

Remember be strong, stay positive, go outside, take walks.

Clear your head of all negativity and anxiety.

It can effect anyone, as you can see it took over me a little bit, but I grew from it and I am better than ever.

You are the ruler of your world, and remember to always know that there is the right help out there.


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